Pressrelease: She transforms rare berries from the arctic area of Sweden to the perfume industry

Pressrelease: She transforms rare berries from the arctic area of Sweden to the perfume industry

On July 7, the perfume company Scents from Norra Norrland AB got the green light to once again use the headspacing technology to capture the scents of Norrland. Now she will capture the scents of Arctic Rapsberry  and Cloudberry.Already in the Spring of 2018, a first attempt was made to capture a fragrance that was not previously available to the perfume industry. Eva Henriksson managed to recreate the scent of Bird Cherry. This time it is the gold of the northern forest that will be captured.

Eva Henriksson explains that both Arctic Rapsberry and Cloudberryare rare berries. Many have never heard of these delicacies and even less know what they smell or taste. It will be great fun to bring out the scents of our northern berries to an industry that works with scents.
The process is complicated and requires fragrance-quality checks of her self before a fully finished product can be assured. Almost two years after its start, in February 2020, the Bird Cherry extract became a finished product. This time it will be much faster, Eva Henriksson believes. Not because the Arctic Berry or Cloudberry are easier to create as extracts, but because we now have a work process from last headspacing. Agreements are in place and both I and the collaborators know how we came up with a good solution last time. I expect to have the products ready by the end of the year 2020.

The first step is to produce a recipe in paper form. The scents captured with the equipment will  a laboratory in the UK help me to analyse and print. Step two is to recreate the scent in reality. A factory in France will help me with this step. The tricky and time-consuming thing is that we work in different countries. It is me who ensures the scent, which means that scent samples are sent back and forth between Sweden and France. It is important to get as close to the real scent as possible, but most likely they will be almost identical when they are finished, says Eva Henriksson.

We have had a fantastic Summer in Northern Sweden. The heat has been favorable for the flowering of both berries. It remains to be seen if we will have a nice berry summer or if it will be a bit shorter with berries. It is a few weeks before the berries are ready to be harvested. Thankfully no large quantities are needed to catch the scents, says Eva Henriksson. Now I need to decide where they should be harvested. The Bird Cherry scent has its original location from Älvsbyn. My mirth town, Eva explains.

The product will be available in both kg and 10 ml. 10 ml will be sold through the web shop www.norranorrland.com.

More about headspacing:
With the help of headspacing it is possible to chemically create fragrances in a laboratory. The headspacing technique analyzes the air around an object such as a flower. The analysis will result in a recipe for components that together create fragrances. Thereafter, the various fragrance components are blended to recreate the fragrance and thus produce a synthetic oil / extract that can be used in perfume making.