Arctic Bird Cherry Blossom. Perfume extract essential. Essence scent.

Arctic Bird Cherry Blossom - Prunus Padus (Hägg). 

Perfume extract - reconstituted. 

Odour: Fruity aldehydic,  floral honey,  core,  non-sweet rain.

Colour: Pale yellow

Scent of origin: Älvsbyn Norrbotten Sweden

Raw material' s use levels max.

Fine Fragrance : 37.2%
Eau de Toilette : 37.2%
Fragrance creams : 37.2%
Skin contact products (other) : 37.2%
Rinse-off products : 37.2%
Children products : Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Sunscreen products : No restriction - use at the usual rates
Candle : No restriction - use at the usual rates
Room fragrances : No restriction - use at the usual rates

When purshasing this product the buyer accepts the following terms:

The customer  agrees that the specific product will not be sold by the customer to other customers of the customer or to any other person or entity or third party. The same agreement is valid for all adjustments of the specific recipes and/or formulas sprung from the bought product. The customer can not sell forward or copy the product.  Owner of the formula is SCENTS FROM NORRA NORRLAND AB unless other is agreed upon.

149 kr