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Questions regarding shipments are answered swithin 48 hours, Shipments are mailed wihtin 48 hours. 

Scents from Norra Norrland AB  Skyttelgatan 1, 94134 Piteå 

Orgnr 556889-3571, VAT556889357101 BG 852-6345,  Swish: 123 131 30 63

General Manager 

Eva Henriksson

Area Sales Managers

Scents from Norra Norrland AB coopeates with Masson International Sàrl for global sales on bulk.
If your company would like to sell our products within the following area, please contact the area manager for your chosen region.

Masson International Sàrl, 

General Manager Nicholas Bernard-Masson

E-mail: Middle East Area Sales Manager

E-mail: Western Europe  Area Sales Manager

E-mail: Eastern Europe Area Sales Manager

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